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1 Key Ingredient 5 Ways: Red Potatoes

You can make eggs 46 different ways, but if you are a Volga German, the one key ingredient to cooking is the red potato.

Red potatoes are the best because they are not dry. You do not have to drown them in butter to be able to swallow them.

When I was a little girl in the fifties, my parents were farmers. One of the crops

they raised was red potatoes. When they were harvesting them, people would stop their cars and ask to buy them right out of the field. My mother, Helen says she made a pocket full of cash doing this. She even kept burlap bags in the car so that she could fill a sack and sell it to a passerby.

We would keep about 500 pounds of potatoes for our own consumption. Mother would put the potatoes in 50lb. burlap sacks and carry them down to the root cellar. This is an underground room dug straight into the ground. The roof is mounded dirt. She would put the sacks in

a far corner and cover them with heavy rugs. The rugs would keep them from freezing.

The potatoes stayed fresh way into the springtime. When the red potatoes started growing eyes, Mother would cut them into pieces and plant them back in the garden for the next fall. Each piece had to have an eye to start growing. My job was to cut up the potatoes for planting.

That’s Me!

Now Five Easy Ways to Eat Red Potatoes:

Thin slice five or six potatoes. Throw them in a buttered fry pan with onion and green pepper. Fry some garlic sausage and you have a hearty breakfast.

Make potato salad. Have you gone to very many summer events that didn’t have potato salad? If you want you can even make a hot potato salad.

Butter a glass casserole dish. Add thick-sliced potatoes, sliced yellow onion, salt, pepper, butter, and milk. Pop this in the oven for an hour or so and you have scalloped potatoes. Add nice inch squares of ham to the potatoes and you have a whole meal!

A baked potato is a meal in itself. Stuff it with anything – spinach, tomato, bacon – whatever is in the fridge. Or top it with baked beans, or macaroni and cheese. Slice it in half and put a hot dog in it. Of course, butter and sour cream are fabulous.

And last, but not least, rinse and scrub a dozen small, new red potatoes. Quarter them and boil them. You are leaving the skins on. When the potatoes are cooked through, drain the water, throw in a ½ cube of butter and a cup of milk; stir, but do not mash. The milk will thicken from the soft potatoes. You may add any vegetable from peas to broccoli to this. This dish is so delicious.

So there you have it. If you have some potatoes in the kitchen, you will not go hungry!

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