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Down To The Wire

Santa is appearing all over our town today and I am shopping for last minute ingredients for sage dressing and sweet dressing. It’s what I get to take to my beautiful niece Denise’s house for Christmas!

The pictures are from 60 years ago when I visited Candyland and Santa in Vancouver, WA.


Cold and snowy today! I will be delivering gift bags to friend and family and making a zucchini chocolate chip cake.

My gift bags are made up of breads, candy and cookies - all homemade - Mom and I started in October.

Nikki’s Birthday

Today is my daughter’s birthday and she is a most beautiful person. She has made my life so full of ideas and joy! It was her idea that I write my recipe book and it was her idea that I write an appropriate story with some of my favorite Volga German recipes. She had these great ideas and I just tried to carry them out.

Happy Birthday hear of my heart!!


Mom and I just made our traditional Vloga German cabbage buns. Mom is 91 and I am caring for her now. I try to make her life happy and baking makes her happy. Look at her hands - hard farm work and suffering. They are beautiful. Recipe for cabbage buns is in my book available on Amazon and Authorhouse.

uthorhouse Publishing.

Blowing And Drifting

The good news is that it is warmer - 24 degrees, but we have high winds and snow drifting and closing the roads. I remember days like this when I was a young girl on our Wyoming farm. I would sit in front of the propane stove in the living room to keep warm. It had a hot air blower and I would sit right in front of it and read a book and at least my back side would be warm. Mom would cook chili or homemade noodle soup with butterballs. She was always so busy!

Mounds Candy!

I made these yesterday and they are disappearing! This is an easy recipe to put together, but it is labor intensive to chill the coconut and nut mixture, and then roll them and dip them.

Find the recipe in my book! And happy candy making!

The recipe calls for parafin wax and chocolate chips melted together. You can find the wax in the canning section of any grocery store.

Still making popcorn balls for Christmas

This is the second batch of popcorn balls I have made for my Christmas sacks. These are marshmallow with a little green food coloring and anise flavoring - Mom’s favorite.

The recipe is in my book at the end of the Christmas story.

I have noticed that people are downloading my book in just as many numbers as paperback. I will say it is easier to have an ebook laying on the kitchen counter than trying to keep the paperback open to the right page!

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